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With high-tech equipment, and over a dozen years of experience, we provide expert surveillance investigations.  Surveillance is a skill that is learned over time, by working hard, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.  Don't let someone learn the skill of surveillance on your dime.  Get help from an investigator who already has the expertise to handle your surveillance right. 

Activity Checks

Discreet, direct, confidential, overt, covert, we handle all kinds of activity checks.  Get information about your claimant's activity level, work status, and range of motion. 


Audio, video, recorded, and written statements.  Witness, employer, employee, claimant, and insured.  We handle all types of statements for all kinds of cases.

Alive & Wellness Checks

Personal contact with claimants and beneficiaries.  Obtain medical status, daily activities, work status, observations of living conditions, and determine if benefits are being obtained.

Background Checks

Multi-point background checks to identify and locate criminal histories, civil cases, residential histories, aliases, general character, and range of information pertaining to a claimant, witness, or subject of an investigation.

Subrogate Investigations

Determine and identify third parties at fault or liable for damages in a claim.  We often use scene investigations, witness interviews, and statements in the process of handling these assignments.

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Witness, claimant, subject, and insured.  We find even the hardest skip traces.


Witness, claimant, employer, employee, and insured.  Often an essential step in an SIU investigation.  Interviews can also include written or recorded statements.

AOE/COE Investigations

Arising out of Employment / Course of Employment investigations.  Take statements, review files, identify witnesses, review personnel records, identify red flags, scene investigations, surveillance, and background checks.

Scene Investigations

Identify red flags, obtain photos, conduct witness canvass, and construct diagrams.

Witness Canvass

Locate and identify witnesses and potential video documentation from security cameras.

Process of Services and all additional Investigations

We conduct process of services for a wide area in Central NY.  Contact us for help on any additional insurance or litigation matters.  We also conduct domestic investigations.

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